Living Arts Weekly: Protection

January 5, 2019

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children   – Nelson Mandela

It is no secret that our children are in need of protection from many forces today. Perhaps you have or have not heard the buzz about 5G technology and the potential impact on health.  As with so many things now, typically people are split in their sensibilities about what to believe.  Erring on the side of caution and care (and we might add cuteness),  LifeWays graduate Emary Williams has given us permission to share one solution she came up with — children’s hats designed to block WiFi and 4G/5G cell radiation.

Here’s what Emary said about the hats:

“My mom sewed up these cute hats using the Twig and Tale pattern and upcycled woolens, AND added a secret layer of Swiss shield fabric. This layer is designed to block WiFi and 4G/5G cell radiation to protect their little brains while their thin skulls finish forming. I feel crazy some days. Like, tin-foil-hat crazy. But I think the more I am aware of how these things that I can’t see make me feel, the more I find I need to take action. I can’t see the microbes in my gut, but I feel better when I regularly consume kombucha and sauerkraut. With these pixie hoods, I can’t help but think of the French version version of little red riding hood, called “ Little Golden Hood” — her hood was her protection from the wolf, imbued with magic by her grandmother. The wisdom of the past can help us if we listen.”

If you have questions about making the hat, or would like to purchase one from Emary, you can find her at Clover Blossom Farmstead.

Nurturing Care

For Your Child’s Senses

Providing protection for children is something we take seriously at LifeWays North America.  Nourishing and protecting the young child’s foundational senses of Touch, Life, Movement and Balance happens to be the theme of our NEW online course that opens this week, on January 8th.  Watch this short video introduction from Cynthia to learn more:

Learn more about Building a Strong Foundation by clicking here.  Won’t you join us?