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In this video LifeWays childcare providers talk about their calling

The Revolution that we urgently need in child care could start with you!

Maybe it will start with your child care home or center or aftercare program.  Awakening your staff or your director to an enlightened understanding of child development based on joyful living and meaningful activity could reinvigorate and renew your love of the work.

Maybe it will start in your own home.  Learning how to create rhythm and order that lightens your load and brings levity back into your family life could increase your ratio of smiles over frowns.

Maybe it will start with your parent-child or parent-infant program.  Creating a nurturing atmosphere that awakens parents to a deeper understanding of their children and how to create meaningful home life while having fun might help everyone relax.

Or maybe it is your own attitude to life that could use some revolutionizing.  Learning more about the wholeness of being human – body, soul and spirit – from the perspective of the spiritual scientific research of Rudolf Steiner and other human development researchers could open your mind in ways you never expected.

Enrich your family life or find a new career as a childcare provider in a home or center.

You will learn:

  • making music for yourself and for children,
  • moving with grace, strength and positive gestures,
  • making puppets and telling stories,
  • crafting beautiful, purposeful things,
  • mindful caring for your home or work environment,
  • setting up your own child care business,
  • creating daily/weekly schedules that invigorate rather than exhaust,
  • creating simple, wholesome meals,
  • understanding yourself, children and other adults better,
  • offering nourishing and nurturing care to yourself and others during illness, and
  • celebrating life!

Be a part of the solution, not the status quo!  Help children reclaim childhood.  Help yourself reclaim simplicity.  Help your family and other families reclaim levity and delight.

Is this training for you?  Only you can know.  Just click on Request more info and we’ll get in touch.

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