Joyful Days with Toddlers and Preschoolers: Using Life as the Curriculum by Faith Collins

This delightful and informative 15 minute DVD by  Faith Collins can transform your life with young children, whether as a parent, childcare provider or early… Read more

Price: $9.95


DVD – US orders only

Lifeways North America : Home Away From Home

“Home Away From Home” (DVD) – This video beautifully introduces LifeWays’ ideals and principles through the Living Arts of practical activities, nurturing care, creative exploration… Read more

Price: $10.00


DVD – US orders only

LifeWays: Relationship-based Care

75 minute video covering the following five topics: Family style childcare; Home away from Home; Forest Kindergarten; Settling into Sleep; and Nurturing and Nourishing. … Read more

Price: $25.00

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