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Dear Friends of LifeWays,

In the month of November, many cultures around the world celebrate the season’s changes and acknowledge humanity’s spiritual progress with candle light. In observing Martinmas, we remember to carry our lanterns with an inner gesture of altruism and selflessness. When celebrating Diwali, we light diyas to represent the triumph of light over dark–good over evil. While participating in Loi Krathong, floating lanterns are lit to release the ills of the past and welcome the blessings of the future. In our recent blog, we featured Chanukah, another celebration of the miracle of light overcoming darkness.  There are numerous other ways to celebrate; indeed, it is possible for there to be as many ways to celebrate our inner Light as there are folks on the planet. Imagine over seven billion ways to extol being alive at this time of year!

The cultivation of gratitude and the giving of gifts are common ways to celebrate. LifeWays North America is grateful to each of you for learning about human development with us, for honing your handwork skills with us, and for choosing to enrich your lives (and the lives of your children) with the medicine of loving interest. This coming year, our organization wishes to give many wonderful people scholarships to attend our trainings and courses. If you feel like your LifeWays experience has been a blessing, then please consider donating to the scholarship fund. We have hosted nearly 850 students in our LifeWays Certificate trainings and LifeWays Fundamentals courses. We have had more than 1400 students enroll in our online courses just this year.  If each former LifeWays student gives $10, then we will earn more than $22,000 for training scholarships!    One can see how a larger donation will have the ability for a greater benefit for those in need of financial assistance.  If all of our followers and readers participate, we can support even more students.

Assisting our brothers and sisters seems like a fitting way to demonstrate the gesture of selflessness, to exalt good over evil, and to welcome the blessings of the future. We hope that you choose this gratitude and gift giving as one way to celebrate the season with us. In a world that seems so easily divided, let us remember that our indomitable spirits transcend our differences. May all of your celebrations be blessed, and may you find many ways in which to be thankful.

Shanah Ahmadi, Board President

LifeWays North America

LifeWays North America is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Tax ID 51-0554957. Donations are fully tax deductible.

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