Living Arts Weekly: Abundance

August 4, 2019

Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away the hunger.  -Saint Basil

This week finds Rahima and me in China, teaching for LifeWays!  We’ll hopefully have lots of things to share with you from this wonderful trip, where Rahima is creating parenting videos for an audience of 900,000 subscribers (!) and the two of us are teaching in a Birth-to-Three LifeWays training in Xi’an. I’ll be here for a few weeks, because when you travel to the other side of the world you might as well stay and visit for awhile!

While we are here, Cynthia is teaching in our first-ever Florida LifeWays training, and our wonderful colleagues in Portland, OR and Kimberton, PA are launching brand new LifeWays Fundamentals courses!

This week, I’m thinking a lot about abundance.  Specifically, my gratitude to be able to work for an organization like LifeWays that focuses on abundance and not scarcity, and how that view offers us opportunities to meet and serve people all over the planet, inspiring their work with children. The next few Living Arts Weekly posts will  be short and sweet as we soak in all this juicy goodness. But we are thinking of all of you, our LifeWays community in North America and beyond.

Blessings on your week,

Mary O’Connell, Your Living Arts Weekly blog editor

The wishes of the soul are springing,

The deeds of the will are thriving,

The fruits of life are maturing.

I feel my fate,

My fate finds me.

I feel my star,

My star finds me.

I feel my goals in life,

My goals in life are finding me.

My soul and the great World are one.

Life grows more radiant about me,

Life grows more arduous for me,

Life grows more abundant within me.

Rudolf Steiner

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