Living Arts Weekly: A Response to the Needs of our Times

June 4, 2020

At the heart of each destiny is hidden a unique life calling.

What is it you are called to do?

8 thoughts on “Living Arts Weekly: A Response to the Needs of our Times”

    1. Sally Woodcock

      Dear Sandy, I empathize with your belief and also respect Cynthia’s right to speak from her heart as she feels is best. I rest in the knowledge that there is a greater Divinity at work, and that a human snuffing out another human’s light does not remove that spirit from all being, but rather that there is a greater etheric world at work, where all spirits are eternal and at peace.

  1. Thank you Cynthia,
    You continue to bring a unique and inspirational message to us all. I applaud your warmth, courage and strength to bring what is called for.
    In gratitude,
    Laurie Harper-Burgess

  2. Thank you for the beautiful words , Cynthia. You are such a great support and a guiding light. Thank you

  3. Thank you Cynthia
    Once again not only does your message bring soul nourishment in difficult times,it also inspires a call for action. Now that my home state has entered Phase 2 of Pandemic re-opening, I will begin a weekly story time offering in my little neighborhood park. It is my hope that this will help famiies by giving them a pause in this complicated time, to breath in the joy of childhood and have a few moments of peace.

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