Living Arts Wednesday: Making toys…sweet and simple!

June 3, 2020

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones. — Bruce Garrabrandt

This week I’d like to share how you can spontaneously make a few sweet toys for your children to play with! A little rag doll friend can live in fairy houses, doll houses cupboard houses or on the nature table. The small heavy bags are ideal for indoor play and the wool felt balls can be made with children outside with warm water and soap!

For the rag dolls, you will need fabric scraps or old napkins in cotton or linen, scissors, threads, cotton balls or wool, a pencil and ruler and a plate! Please watch this delightful video from Little Hive Crafts that explains the entire process so well, much better than I could by writing it all out for you!!

If you are ready for something more detailed, I’d like to suggest this free eBook, Toy Making: Simple Playthings to Make for Children by Gun Lee Blue and published by WECAN Books. On page 68 are the directions for the heavy bags, directions for wool felt balls start on page 72…and there are many other wonderful ideas and patterns in this book for summer crafting! This eBook is on the Online Waldorf Library.  

Browsing through all the free eBooks and downloading the ones you like is fun, just remember to refresh your screen between each eBook you download to your home computer!

Enjoy making and playing with your new toys!

1 thought on “Living Arts Wednesday: Making toys…sweet and simple!”

  1. Audrianne Taylor

    Thank you, Marianne! A few years ago I made golden wool felt balls eith silk streamers with children as “shooting stars”, but then they also became sunbeams, lightning bolts, and finally “golden snitches”. I offered them one year at my booth at our school’s Mayfaire, and they sold like hotcakes!

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