Our Statement of Action

June 5, 2020

Dear Friends,
In the wake of recent atrocities that have heightened our awareness of the insidious racial injustice that has been going on for centuries, we would like to begin this statement of dedication and action by first acknowledging the hurt and disappointment we all feel. Systemic white supremacy is real, prevalent, and active in America, and people are suffering from these institutionalized injustices every day. As we acknowledge this reality, we hurt deeply for our Black brothers and sisters, and we steadfastly dedicate ourselves to dismantling the shackles of white supremacy.

LifeWays North America believes that we are all related — bound together in our humanity. We are ALL responsible for each other’s well-being, for the safety of our children, and for the value that is placed upon our lives. At this time, it is clear that Black Americans still do not have equal rights and opportunities in America. Worst of all, American society continues to demonstrate that Black lives matter less than White lives. This inequality is an unmistakable truth in America. LifeWays North America acknowledges the prevalence of racism in early childhood care, access, and policy. We are committed to work for racial equity and we stand with all marginalized people within and beyond our systems of childcare, education and parental support. Let us unite in a vision of a greater Truth, wherein we are all actually equal and we all really matter. May God have mercy on us as we learn through these hardships, and may our spirits uphold us as we continue to seek peace and justice for all.

We are committed to using our trainings, courses and various outreach platforms to amplify our exploration of implicit bias, to support our communities in dismantling racism in early childhood settings, and to work for racial equity. We look forward to your participation in achieving these goals.

In Solidarity,
The LifeWays North America Board of Directors

2 thoughts on “Our Statement of Action”

  1. Anne-Marie Bley

    Thank you for your words of encouragement ❤️
    Can you recommend books in Spanish for starting an in home daycare? I recently met a young man who is a brilliant caregiver for my dying father. He and his wife would like to start a family daycare. I wonder if there are resources in Spanish that I could offer them?
    Thank you!
    Anne-Marie Bley

    1. Mary O'Connell

      Hello, Anne-Marie!
      Yes, thank you for asking. Both of our core LifeWays books are available for FREE as PDFs in Spanish!
      Life is the Curriculum https://lifewaysnorthamerica.org/book/la-vida-es-el-curriculo-por-cynthia-aldinger/
      Home Away from Home https://lifewaysnorthamerica.org/book/una-segunda-casa-spanish-edition-of-home-away-from-home/
      In addition, our colleagues in Mexico at LifeWays Latin America are offering two of our most popular online courses in Spanish: lifewayslatam.com

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