Living Arts Wednesday: Reading and Reading Lists

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
— Emilie Buchwald

We have all heard, and know, about the importance of reading to our children when they are young. Questions arise about what kind of books to choose for what ages…and what topics are appropriate for our youngest ones. If you, as a parent or early childhood teacher, have already examined and discussed your own family values you have already created a base to work from. If you have not had this conversation it would be important to do so.

I would like to offer a few resources and lists that you may find helpful. It’s a start.  Look at these suggestions, many of these are offered with age appropriate categories.
If you love Waldorf early childhood have a look at Steiner Books.  Check with your local library to see if the titles you are interested in are in their book catalog. Michaelmas Press offers, Make Way for Reading, a comprehensive list of story books and books for children to read on their own, Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. You’ll want to keep this book at hand especially if you plan to home school this year. The Sandpoint Waldorf School offers an excellent Summer Reading List list and also a guide to choosing books to support your child’s soul development and love of literature. Children’s Choices offer a more mainstream list of titles for all ages!

Simplicity Parenting offers a selection of racially inclusive books for children that are also slow paced and gently illustrated. The Guardian, a British newspaper, offers a few suggestions including the book, Amazing Grace.  You may have to sign  up to read their articles but it is free. A longtime favorite author is Reg Down and the adventures of Tiptoes.

Enjoy your summer of reading with your children!!