Deepening Self-Care with Spacial DynamicsⓇ

Zoom Course with Lynn St. Pierre

Self-Care begins with saying “Yes” to activities that bring you nourishment!

Reserving and taking time for oneself as a parent, educator or care provider is essential, and what we do with that time can make a significant impact on daily life. Spacial Dynamics classes, as a part of a self-care practice, reach beyond “rest” to revitalize life forces and take us back into parenting and back into work feeling refreshed and joyful. As you traverse the next school year, committing to Lynn’s once monthly, three-hour sessions can be a springboard for your self-care practice.

Join us in a positive, supportive environment where we will practice Spacial Dynamics movement forms and hands-on streams with a partner. Invite a friend, family member or your early childhood colleagues to sign up with you so that you all can be together in person and benefit from the hands-on exercises. Fortify your life forces, develop greater strength, balance and energy through these life-giving forms and streams! Each month we’ll have a different theme as we journey through the year together.

** You are invited to a FREE single-day workshop on July 9 to preview the richness of Lynn’s classes that are being offered beginning this Fall.  **

Classes for the year will be held once-monthly on Saturdays, 10 am- 1pm Pacific/1- 4pm Eastern time, with two hours of Spacial Dynamics and one hour of Wilma Ellerseik’s developmental movements for children.

Class dates are: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 21, Feb 25, March 25, April 22, May 20

Class Descriptions:

July 9 FREE Introductory Class:  Join us for a mid-summer rejuvenation treat: Spacial Dynamics exercises and forms to clear out the cobwebs and get our creative juices flowing! Join with a friend to have a partner for the hands-on streams which are relaxing and freeing. We’ll end with delightful Ellersiek developmental movement and music to bring for your children, all in the atmosphere of the Mood of the 5th.

September 17th: 
To start our journey through the year, we’ll plant seeds for healthy spacial habits. (note: not to be used in the text – In spacial dynamics we use ‘c’ instead of “t” to emphasize the space) The Spacial Dynamics Upper Stream allows for freedom through the chest, shoulders and neck. We often carry stress in our upper bodies, like a heavy yoke weighing us down. You’ll experience how the Upper Stream supports every aspect of our daily lives. Utilizing this stream allows us to truly be of service, with objectivity, warmth and joy!

October 15th: 
As challenges come toward us, there can be a collapse in the space in and around our bodies. When our Spacial Dynamics Lower Stream collapses or reverses, it can hold us back in life, we might even get “cooked in the squat” or stuck. Learn to enliven your Lower Stream and move forward with decisiveness, spaciousness and generosity. A healthy Lower Stream becomes the foundation for healthy posture and movement. The children respect us and are drawn to us, when we carry our space well and are truly present with them.

November 12th: 
In this time of gratitude, we’ll learn Spacial Dynamic’s Just Walking. We usually walk without giving it much thought, yet when we bring our attention to how we walk upon the earth, there is much to discover. Join us as we explore how our feet touch the earth and use the Leg Streams to heighten our awareness. Walking is a part of every Spacial Dynamics exercise and a lot of our daily life activities as well. Our feet, the way we step upon the earth and carry ourselves, in great degree, determines the overall health and well-being of the rest of our bodies. Learn tips for healthy walking with confidence, presence and greater awareness and gratitude for all that is around us.

Check this page for additional class descriptions coming soon!

About the instructor:  
Lynn St. Pierre joyfully presents developmental movement in the form of loving touch, hand gesture and large movement plays, singing in the mood of the fifth and Spacial Dynamics®  at Waldorf teacher training centers, conferences and schools internationally.  She also offers early childhood workshops and a two-year program at Star Dance Farm, a retreat center by Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Lynn is a certified trainer in the developmental movement for early childhood created by Wilma  Ellersiek and a Spacial Dynamics practitioner.  She was the founding teacher of Apple Song Kindergarten, an innovative parent collective in Lyons, Colorado.  

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Regular Prices:

$65; Price with a partner: $55 each; Groups of five or more: $49 each

Refund Policy: Fees will be refunded in full up to 7 days prior to the start of the course, and at 50% if student cancels enrollment less than a week in advance. Fees are nonrefundable after the start of the course.

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