Rhythm is Life Complete Course Videos

Now you can purchase the complete recordings for this exciting course consisting of six sessions plus the Heart Breathing Meditation!

  • Rhythm is Life
  • Rhythm as the Foundation of Discipline
  • Breathing Rhythms throughout the Day 1
  • Breathing Rhythms throughout the Day 2
  • Weekly Rhythms
  • Yearly Festivals
  • Heart Breathing Meditation

Sharifa Oppenheimer is the author of the best-selling Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children and its companion workbook How To Create The Star of your Family Culture. She recently wrote With Stars in Their Eyes: Brain Science and Your Child’s Journey Toward the Self.  She was the founding teacher of the Charlottesville Waldorf School as well as The Rose Garden, a Waldorf early childhood home-program.  She now teaches collaboratively with LifeWays and continues to explore and write about other aspects of profound connection, particularly the family’s need for deep connection to Nature.

Sharifa has been a student of Sufism for many decades and has deep respect for other indigenous wisdom traditions which point humanity toward the sacred nature of the living earth.  She offers Sacred Earth ~ Sacred Self gatherings that explore humanity’s biological and spiritual inter-being with our other-than-human relations.  Her new book A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology (Red Elixir Press)   explores these themes through essays, poetry, dreams and litany. Sharifa also hosts a website by that name, Wild Graces.

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