Living Arts Weekly: The Grey Whale’s Journey

March 26, 2023

Last October, we shared with you, The Story of the Monarch, written by Marielle, cofounder of LifeWays America Latina. Marielle and I loved the idea of sharing this story because the monarch’s lengthy migration is something many of us are witness to throughout the US and Mexico, making it a symbol of our shared human experiences. Today, we invite you to enjoy another beautiful story inspired by a wonder of nature that spans continents: the gray whale’s migration.

Illustrated as a children’s book, first in Spanish and now translated into English, The Grey Whale’s Journey is a story about a pod of gray whales that get trapped during winter season on the northern hemisphere of the Pacific Ocean.  The pod sets off on a journey, heading south in search of warm waters to give birth, when a storm causes one of them to be separated from her pod. Thanks to the help of a star and a sea lion, she is able to reach the right place, reunite with her pod, and give birth.  And thus continue on with the magical circle of life.

You can find the story on LifeWays America Latina’s story podcast, El Vuelo de la Cometa in English here. You can find it en Español as El Viaje de la Ballena Gris here.  You can also purchase the book here.

The Gray Whale’s Journey was written by Illce Montserrat Molina Navarro. Illce studied early childhood at El Centro De Desarrollo Antroposófico and currently works with Waldorf initiatives in Tijuana and Todos Los Santos, Baja California Sur, including her own educational project, Casa Kuu in Tijuana. She strives to bring Waldorf to this the unique niche of bilingual family life in the Baja California area.