Living Arts Weekly: The Art of Twizzling

September 27, 2020

Have you ever tried twizzling?

It’s a fun, magical process that creates a braided rope of yarn; easy enough for young children to do.

Step One:  Cut two lengths of yarn in different colors, about twice as long as you need your finished rope to be.

Step Two:  Each person holds the ends of the two pieces of yarn and twists it in opposite directions, so the yarn begins to twist.

Step Three:  When the yarn is twisted good and tight, have a friend pinch it in the middle and bring the two ends together.  One of you needs to hold all four ends securely together, as the person holding the middle lets go. A magical rope is created!

Step Four: Tie the end in a knot.

You can use your twizzled ropes for all kinds of things, to wrap packages, make a tie for a cape, or more!

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3 thoughts on “Living Arts Weekly: The Art of Twizzling”

  1. Thanks so much for Teaching us to “Swizzle”. I did this as a Handwork class with my six year old granddaughter and my grown daughter. We loved it!

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