Living Arts Weekly: Rhythm Replaces Strength

February 16, 2020

Figure out the rhythm of life and live in harmony with it.  – Lao Tzu

Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, said,” It is important to remember a universal rule:  rhythm replaces strength!”  Students in our LifeWays Early Childhood training and our online courses tell us all the time that creating a life based on repeating, predictable rhythms can be hard work; for many people it feels constricting, like there is no room for spontaneity.  What they quickly learn, though, is that living according to a steady rhythm not only gives you a firm foundation from which to build in spontaneous experiences, it helps us maintain strength and stamina for our family life, career, and whatever challenges come our way. Rhythm is healing, nurturing, and life-giving. The entire natural world lives by rhythm, and when we tap into that great universal flow, we feel supported and strong.

How do we craft a rhythm for ourselves, our family, or our program that feels authentic and not confining?  We feel for the need of the children and ourselves. What is our energy level at certain times of the day? What is the mood of each day of the week? Once we begin to craft our rhythm, we are like the conductor of an orchestra, feeling how our very health and that of the children is supported by the activities and transitions throughout the day, cueing small changes as needed.

There always comes along a day when you are not 100%  Perhaps you’re coming down with the cold that has been passed throughout your family for over a week.  Maybe you didn’t sleep well last night.  You find yourself wondering, “How will I make it through today?”  And then you begin to step into the rhythm of the day. It carries you and the children through like a strong, steady heartbeat.  And you begin to understand the wisdom of the phrase “Rhythm replaces strength.”

Blessings on your week,

Mary O’Connell, Your Living Arts Weekly blog editor

Practical Activity

Do you want some guidance in crafting a rhythm?  Take a look at one of our most popular online courses. “Healthy Home Rhythms.” This popular online course, developed by Kerry Ingram at Mothering Arts, supports you to create a balanced home rhythm rooted in presence and joy.

In this self-paced course, you will work with four water-colored seasonal rhythm wheels (printer required), a meal planner wheel and LOTS of practical resources to develop a rhythm wheel that is unique for your own family.  Create a more connected home life with the help of this inspiring, step-by-step, course that you can do any time and access again and again as the seasons—and your family—change. Click here for more information!