Living Arts Weekly: Rainy Day Story and Song

September 12, 2021

We are so glad to share the work of our talented colleagues in the LifeWays community, and grateful for their willingness to share their talents!

This week we have a sweet song for a rainy day from Jaimmie Stugard, the director of LifeWays Early Childhood Center in Milwaukee.

We would also like to share a lovely story from Chinyelu Kunz from WeNurture, who is a member of the LifeWays North America board of directors.  This story, “Grandfather’s Garden” is a tender tale in which Grandfather had a beautiful garden where he grew lots of vegetables and flowers. He loved working in his garden. One day a big storm came and knocked down the flowers in the garden beds and even blew leaves off the trees. Grandfather had to find the courage to tidy up his garden and make it beautiful again. You can listen to the story here.

Both the story and song are perfect for children ages 3-6.

Have a good week, everyone!