Living Arts Weekly: Observation and Assessment

September 8, 2019

Thanks to the work of our colleague, Veronica Oliva-Clour, Observing Young Children: A Tool for Meaningful Assessment has been approved for use in Minnesota by their rating system, Parent Aware.

What a gift to teachers and early childhood educators that they may use a system of assessment that honors the spirit of the child!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if many more states approved this tool?  It can happen — we just need YOU to petition your state’s rating system.  Wisconsin and Minnesota have already approved this tool — your state could be next.

LifeWays has always asked our community members to be part of the revolution to change childcare in America for the better.  This is one way we can do that!

Mary O’Connell, Your Living Arts Weekly blog editor

Learning to Observe Children:  A Tool for Meaningful Assessment

Social Awareness

Some great resources for observation

The following resources have been recommended by students in our online course Learning to Observe Children (the next round begins October 31st — join us!):