Living Arts Wednesday: Soft, flying butterflies

July 8, 2020

Fly bright butterfly, fly to me

You soar like a bird, you sip like a bee

But you’re really just a flower that the wind set free….

This is a little rhyme we sing in parent/child classes with the children! Then the parents make wonderful, soft, wool felt bean bag and finger puppet butterflies for everyone to use when we say or sing the rhyme.

If you are new to making a bean bag or finger puppet butterfly all you will need is wool felt in any color, scissors, a sewing needle, embroidery floss (like DMC from the craft store) rice (or very small beans) and three different colored thin ribbons, 24 inches long.

Directions for butterfly bean bags:
Cut two butterfly shapes. Decorate one of the butterfly pieces with your choice of embroidery stitches. Separate the six stands of embroidery floss into three stands ( all six strands are too thick)  and using the blanket stitch, sew all around both the top and bottom of the butterfly but leave a small opening at the bottom. Fill up your butterfly with rice or tiny, tiny beans. Knot all three ribbons together and push into the opening. Stitch the ribbons firmly in place and closing the opening.

Directions for a finger puppet butterfly:
Follow the directions for cutting out two butterfly shapes, add two long oval body shapes (top and bottom of the butterfly body) and if you want to embellish the top just cut separate pieces in any colors you like…these can be simple ovals and diamond shapes…or look a the photo on this page! Stitch any embellishments to the top butterfly body first using sewing thread or 2 strands of embroidery floss. Then sew the two body pieces together using the blanket stitch but leave an opening at the bottom so a finger can fit inside.


Enjoy your summertime sewing and singing!!