Resources for Teachers and Caregivers

Early Childhood Certification Dates and Locations

Utah July 2023 - August 2024

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Highland, UT (near Salt Lake City)
Contact: Tiffany Manoukian, Student Services Coordinator (520) 358-5380

SF Bay Area, August 2023 - June 2024

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Marin County, CA
Contact: Marianne Alsop

Courses for Teachers and Caregivers

Welcome to LifeWays!

To introduce you to our innovative approach to care for young children, we invite you to jump into our FREE online course. "Welcome to LifeWays" includes videos and resources to help you deepen your home life and transform your work with children! Enjoy it on your own time, and at your own pace!


Brain Science and your Child’s Journey Toward the Self

With Sharifa Oppenheimer, author of Heaven on Earth and With Stars in their Eyes
Starts September 20, 2023
Zoom conferences Sept. 20, Dec. 6, and Mar. 27
Registration extended to October 18; Recording of the Sept. 20 Zoom session will be provided.

This exciting course will be a six month exploration of the gentle ways teachers and parents can bring cutting edge brain science into their classroom and home, to support the children’s finest brain development!

Six engaging multimedia lessons, with group discussion and valuable resources will be released the third Wednesday of each month, September through March (excluding December).


Circle of Hands Year 2

An In-Depth Handwork Experience with Mindy Upton of Blue Sky Craft Studio
Once-monthly, September 2023 through May 2024

Join us for a “closed” Circle experience with colleagues from Year One; this second year circle will build upon established handwork skills. Mindy is providing a unique and wonderful opportunity for participants, bringing together handwork, music and story for a complete experience that can be used in your early childhood program immediately after completion! The year’s curriculum will include creating puppets, seasonal crafts and nature garden creatures that will enliven your growing repertoire. read more...

Working with the Four Temperaments

With Cynthia Aldinger and Acacia Moore
A Four week course beginning October 18th
Zoom Conferences Oct. 25th and Nov. 15th at 7pm Central

What’s all the buzz about the Four Temperaments? What are they, and what place do they have in early childhood care?

The four temperaments come up just about as much as any personality test these days, and they have been long referred to in Waldorf Education grades programs. Yet, they have a special use in early childhood as a tool of inner work for the adult. read more...,/p>

Opening the Gate with Anna Rainville

Opening the Gate: Songs and singing games to invite Nature into your family life with Anna Rainville
Next session October 19, 7-8:15 pm Central

When a caring adult accompanies a young child into the vitality of the natural world- whether it is easily accessible or not- seeds of wonder stir and sprout. Each discovery nourished by joyful attention and celebrated through song and movement, builds healthy relationships between the child, the parent, and the natural world.


Circle of Hands

A Foundational Handwork Course with Mindy Upton of Blue Sky Craft Studio
Once-monthly, September 2023 through May 2024

Grab a cup of tea, your handwork basket, and gather online for this relaxing, once-monthly handwork circle. Nourish your soul while learning the foundational skills such as sewing, embroidery, needle felting and more through inspiring projects in a circle of camaraderie. Become more practiced at these simple skills while creating projects and learning new songs, verses, and stories that can be put to use in your program immediately! read more...

Celebrando: Entendiendo, Creando y Viviendo las fiestas con intención

Una serie de cursos con LifeWays America Latina
Módulo 4 Invierno
Durante cuatro semanas a partir del 1 de Noviembre

Desde la antigüedad, la humanidad ha observado los cambios estacionales, cada cultura, desde sus creencias y perspectiva ha marcado pautas que marcan el pasar del tiempo y se manifiestan con celebraciones y festivales. Se ha creado así un ritmo anual de fiestas y conmemoraciones que vive en nuestras raíces. Cuando vivimos estas fiestas con consciencia nos nutren a niveles profundos, avivando y alimentando nuestra vitalidad, nuestro sentido de vida y ayudándonos a conectar con todo y todos los que nos rodean. leer más...

LifeWays Early Childhood Fundamentals Course

Inspiration and Support for Working with Young Children

Congratulations! You have been hired to work in a Waldorf or LifeWays early childhood program that you have admired for some time. Or you now find yourself ready to open your own program. Perhaps you are a new assistant or extended care provider, a new co-teacher or regular substitute. Yet you have no training or background in the work. Or perhaps you have been out of the field for a while and could use a refresher. It may be that you are a new parent or grandparent and want to be more creative in your home and family life. We want to help you find the ground beneath your feet so that you can grow in confidence. read more...

Creating Home Away from Home: A Course for Home Childcare Providers

Ongoing - enroll any time!

This on-demand, at-your-own-pace, online course will help you open your own early childhood program at home providing relationship-based care steeped in LifeWays Principles. read more...