Joyful Days with Toddlers and Preschoolers: Using Life as the Curriculum by Faith Collins

faith-dvdThis delightful and informative 15 minute video (mp4 format) by  Faith Collins can transform your life with young children, whether as a parent, childcare provider or early childhood teacher.  Faith points out that activities of everyday life—what LifeWays calls “The Living Arts”—have the advantage that we don’t have to manufacture them.  They happen all the time!
Topics Faith covers include:

•    The Secret to Involving Children Learn how to invite children by slowing down and cultivating an attitude of spaciousness

•    The Benefits of Life as the Curriculum Don’t let your desire for competence trump being connected with your children! Learn how to help children develop competence, which will help them feel contributing and connected.

•    Bodily Care in Life as the Curriculum Faith points out that we rush through changing diapers, washing hands, brushing hair, etc. because children don’t like them—but what they really don’t like is the rushing!  Learn how to use these activities as times of conscious connection instead!

•    The Advantages of Having Mixed Ages Together See examples of a mixed-age program where children from ages one to five watch out for and learn from one another.

Faith Collins is the founder of Joyful Toddlers!, a resource for parents, childcare providers and early childhood educators.  She shares her experience through teleclasses, phone consultation, coaching visits, a blog and speaking engagements. Faith is a LifeWays graduate and was co-director of Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program in Boulder.  She currently divides her time between Colorado and London, where she is completing a masters in early childhood education.

Price: $9.95