Building Communities through Love and Relationships By Molly Brett

March 10th, 2024

I have had the privilege to have worked with teachers who were gifted with the ability to see the
unique gifts in each child and parent in their class. Their intuitive ability helped to form a healthy social
structure that children and parents alike could rely on.

When a space of love, truthfulness, and
openness is created in a classroom or school it opens the space for a community to grow.

As a teacher the ability to have the families in our care feel seen and heard is a vital piece to
building a sound classroom environment. We are all better able to be present and find joy and peace,
when we feel safe and secure both in our relationships and as well as in our surroundings. Feeling
accepted in love and understanding is the very beginning of a healthy relationship. It creates a strong
foundation from which all things are built.

As a teacher it is important to make time and space for practices that help to build these
capacities within ourselves. Starting with relationships that feel easy, practice objective observation on
feelings that arise within yourself during different interactions. Practice feeling love during the beautiful
moments in the day like when the children are singing with you during blessing time and
practice feeling love when you’re wiping noses or having difficult conversations with parents.

The beautiful gift of unconditional love is that it is reflected back to us!

An easier place than relationships to begin with this practice of love building is creating a space
imbued with our own love. I love working on new toys, seasonal decorations, and puppet show items in
the summertime for my classroom. Intentionally making things for our classroom spaces is our love made visible through our hands. The children cherish feeling this intention surrounding them and I find parents feel it too. It is this intention and work of the will that creates a healing and sacred space. A home away from home that can transform and enliven.

Another place where love is made visible is in our festival life. Our ideas, rituals, studies,
traditions, stories, crafts, and songs help to permeate the physical world bridging it with the divine. These festivals, which can have deep meaning within us and our school communities, help to build community through having a similar vision along with shared values. This builds community not only in the material world but in the spiritual world.

When being conscious of our individual relationships and how those relationships weave
together the communities, we are a part of, we can manifest change in the world. Our meditative life
combined with our will forces creates the materialization of the sacred here on earth. It is this possibility of cosmic reflection that lies within us all which offers a true source of transformation both in
ourselves and in the communities with which we live and work.

An alumna of Kimberton Waldorf School, Molly has worked in Waldorf education for the last 20 years and has been teaching in early childhood at Kimberton since 2013.  Her love and passion for this  unique style of learning grew while working at Camphill Special School upon graduation.  Molly has completed her Lifeways Fundamentals and Early Childhood teaching certificates. She is currently enrolled in a Curative and Therapeutic teacher training, and she looks forward to bringing these new understandings and inspirations into her work.