LifeWays: Relationship-based Care

75 minute video (.mov format) covering the following five topics:

Family Style Childcare

This 15 minute segment offers a glimpse of the benefits of mixed-age care in a family-style setting.  Special emphasis is given to the value of free play.

Home Away From Home

Home Away From Home.jpgExplores what it means to create a home-like setting for children.  Includes a description of the Living Arts (domestic activity, nurturing care, creative discovery, and social ability) and a discussion of caregiver/child attachment in childcare.

Forest Kindergarten

Forest Kindergarten.jpgThis segment gives a glimpse into a wintery morning with LifeWays’ Forest Kindergarten in Milwaukee, a mixed-age program for children ages three to six in which the children spend their entire morning outdoors in a natural setting. The benefits of nature play are emphasized.

Settling Into Sleep

Shows a peaceful and nurturing naptime routine at LifeWays, with plenty of suggestions for how to encourage a more restful transition to sleep for the children in your care.



Nurturing and Nourishing

Nurturing and Nourishing.JPGThis segment features a visit to the LifeWays kitchen, where whole foods cooked from scratch with natural ingredients are on the menu.

Price $25.00