LifeWays North America provides support, training and resources for caregivers, parents and parent educators. LifeWays offers an innovative, relationship-based vision for parenting and childcare. Our mission is to help you find joy in your life and work with children!

How can LifeWays North America help you today?

  • Certification Training: connect with the training leadership in your region
  • Local Workshops: explore LifeWays Principles and Practices through nearby workshops
  • Online Courses: get assistance with registration questions or choosing the courses that are right for you or your program
  • Consulting: request web-based coaching, or in-person site work, for growing your program and supporting your families
  • Get involved: learn how you can serve the greater LifeWays community
  • Ask your question: how can we assist you?

    LifeWays North America National Office
    Cynthia Aldinger, Executive Director
    1515 W Main St, Norman, OK 73069