Magic Spring (Retold and Edited by Young Sook Kim)

(All Puppets hand made by the class)

Cast of Characters:

Storyteller, Bluebird, Old Man,

Young Man, Old Woman, Young Woman, Greedy Neighbor



Hands together

Hands apart

Hands together

We are putting our hands on our lap.

(Lighting a candle)

Fire fairies, come to us

Bring your fire from the sun

STORYTELLER: Once there was an old woodcutter who lived with his wife in a little cottage on the outskirts of a village. Though they were quite poor, they were good and kind. Despite the meager income they made by selling wood at the market, they were mostly content with their lives. Their one regret, in their old age, was that they had never had a child. One day, the old man went up the mountain to cut wood. (Play kinder harp or bird whistle)


We are working working hard

Chopping fire wood in the yard

Chopping chopping chop chop chop

Merrily the pieces drop

Chopping chopping chop chop chop

Merrily the pieces drop

STORYTELLER: The old man was walking up the path, when suddenly, he heard the sound of a bird singing. He looked up to see a bluebird standing on the path before him. It sang to him, and then flew off a short distance.

MAN: Little bluebird, do you wish for me to follow you?

STORYTELLER: The bird flew onward, looking back to be certain that the old man was following him.

(Bird stops periodically, sings and flies on)

As the man followed the bluebird through the forest, he began to grow tired and thirsty. When at last the bluebird stopped, the old man found himself in front of a small, clear spring.

MAN: How fortunate to have found this spring! I am quite hot and thirsty after such a chase!

STORYTELLER: The water was cool and delicious. The old man drank but a few sips and was satisfied. He decided to rest near the spring for a few moments before going on his way, and lay down near the spring. Soon he fell fast asleep.

(Play kinder harp)

MAN: Oh, dear! I must have fallen asleep! The sun will be setting soon and I have not even started my work!

STORYTELLER: As he stood up, the man found that he felt quite refreshed. The muscles in his arms and legs felt sturdy. His once aching body was supple once more. Immediately he set to work, and in a short time had cut as much wood as he usually cut in a whole day. With huge, powerful steps, the man set off for home. Upon his arrival, he was surprised at his wife’s reaction.

WIFE: Oh, my! What has happened to you? You seem to have become young again!

STORYTELLER: Looking at himself, the woodcutter realized that he was, indeed, a young man! He told his wife all that had happened. The next day he took her to the Magic Spring where she drank but a sip of the cool, delicious water. And like her husband, the woman stood straight and strong once more. She, too, had become young again. And so together, with lighter steps, they returned home.


Dandelion (A Scottish folk verse)

I’m a happy little thing.

Always coming with the spring.

In the meadows green I’m found,

Peeping just above the ground.

And my stalk is covered flat,

With a fuzzy yellow hat.

STORYTELLER: The woodcutter and his wife went about their daily tasks as usual. However, their great transformation had not gone unnoticed. A nearby neighbor, an old man whose immense wealth was matched only by his greed, had been watching them with curiosity. At last, he decided to go inquire at the woodcutter’s house.

GREEDY NEIGHBOR: My friends, what has happened that you appear now as such a fine, young couple?

STORYTELLER: The woodcutter graciously told the neighbor about the Magic Spring, and the old man wasted no time in setting off on his journey.

MAN: (calling after) Remember, you need but only a sip or two!

(at the spring, the neighbor sips greedily and then lies down)

(Play Music)

STORYTELLER: Evening began to approach, and the woodcutter and his wife grew worried as their neighbor had not yet returned. They quickly made their way to the Magic Spring. There they found, lying upon the banks of the spring, the old man’s clothing. And asleep upon the clothing lay a tiny baby.

MAN: Ah, he must have drunk too much from the Magic Spring.

STORYTELLER: Wrapping the baby in some of the clothing, they gently scooped him up and made their way back home.


Sleep my baby soo soo soo

I shall tell a story for you

I shall sing a lullaby too

Sleep my baby soo soo soo

STORYTELLER: There the young woodcutter and his pretty young wife raised the child as their own. And under their gentle, loving guidance, the boy grew to be a kind and generous man.


We are working working hard

Chopping fire wood in the yard

Chopping chopping chop chop chop

Merrily the pieces drop

Chopping chopping chop chop chop

Merrily the pieces drop


(Snuffing a candle)

Thank you for your golden light!!

We wish you lots of golden stories to brighten your life!!