A Letter from Cynthia ~ Spring 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

My letter is going to be brief(er) this time because I really REALLY want you to read the whole newsletter, and I know how full your lives are and that time to sit and read is not easy to come by!  Please read it in installments if that helps; but please do read it.   I love that the Ages and Stages articles are not only about child development.  We truly never cease going through stages of development.  Lynn’s poignant story of meeting life-changing events with clarity and determination is a gift to all of us whose lives have been dramatically changed in an instant.  Marijke’s potty training story is a testament to how just a few words of wisdom from a loving guide can bring us back into balance and new awareness.  Acacia’s generously shared experiences working with the sense of touch to support will development in all the stages of early childhood is a treasure.

Thanks also to Jaimmie, Milwaukee LifeWays Early Childhood Center Director, for her story of how Mary’s new book Observing Young Children came to birth.  With that in mind, please also read Mary’s editorial highlighting our hope to someday come into Oprah’s circle of awareness regarding our relationship-based approach to the care of children.   Help us spread the word!  And speaking of Mary, have you started receiving her Sunday blog?  It is full of loveliness.

Something else that elevates my joy is the opportunity to feature how we are expanding both within and outside our borders to reach a variety of colleagues we have not been able to reach before.  The first is our LifeWays en Español funded by the Newman Foundation.

I was delighted when I found this photo with our first group where I am holding my goddaughter who is now 18 years old!  To my right (looking at the photo) is my dear friend Rosario Villasana who brought the program to birth.

Please also read the offerings from Young Sook Kim who translated our Professional Development curriculum and led the first group of South Korean students through the LifeWays training.  We are also happy to feature the joyful work of Leila Alemi and her colleagues in Tehran, Iran.  Leila is currently one of our on-line course participants.  Now my heartstrings are not only filled with our students here in North America but across the world!


One more offering I want to highlight.  We are privileged to offer an amazing deepening course with Laurie Clark this summer at Kimberton Waldorf School.  Please read all about it below and give this to yourself as a gift.  Please tell your early childhood colleagues about it.  It is especially suited for Waldorf and LifeWays early childhood educators.  PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE.

Also amazing – after all these years, we are FINALLY GOING TO FLORIDA!  Miami here we come.  And we are FINALLY GOING TO MY HOMETOWN – Norman, Oklahoma here we come.  And we are FINALLY GONG TO BE IN A MANOR HOUSE that feels like a retreat center – Westport, Connecticut here we come.  We continue to be blessed.

Okay Friends, get your favorite cuppa (as featured on Mary’s blogpost photo), whip up some blueberry coconut cream cake (recipe below), find a comfy cozy spot, and enjoy the newsletter.

Love to you all and happy spring,