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Winter 2016 Newsletter Our theme this month focuses on the inner transformation we've experienced in working with and parenting young children. Articles include Angels, Earthworms and Everything In Between, Cheaper than Therapy, They Will Know us by our Fruits, and How LifeWays Transformed my In-Home Program. In addition there is news from our current programs and news of upcoming trainings, workshops and online courses.

Autumn 2016 Newsletter - Building Community in Troubled Times, including topics such as Being a Child of Color in a Childcare Setting, Magnolia Blossom Preschool at Harvest Homes Assisted Living, Building Community through Parent Gatherings, Growing Community through Work Days, plus Resources and Practical Tips and news of upcoming trainings, workshops and online courses.

Summer 2016 Newsletter In this issue we focus on Safety and Risk, with articles such as Balancing Child Safety and Risk in the Parenting Dance, Instead of No!, try saying Oh!, Safety and Relationship-Based Care, and "Surplus Safety"-- An Issue for Elders as well as Children.  In addition, you'll find news of upcoming LifeWays Trainings and online workshops, and a wealth of resources for parents and childcare professionals.

Spring 2016 Newsletter In this issue we focus on Spring Cleaning: Involving the Children in Reawakening the Life Forces, with articles such as Transformation through Tidying, Spring Cleaning through Mothering Arts, Finding Space in Simplicity, plus books and resources on the theme, and news about upcoming LifeWays trainings and workshops.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter In this issue we focus on The Transformative Power of Story, with articles such as Using Stories with Toddlers in a Parent-Child Setting, The Gift of Story, The Magic of Therapeutic Stories in Parenting, Storytelling with Toddlers, plus a wealth of story-telling resources and news about upcoming LifeWays trainings.

Summer 2015 Newsletter The theme for this issue is Using Songs, Movement Games and Finger Plays with Younger Children or a Child at Home.  It includes articles such as Transforming Circle Time for Mixed-Age Groups; Dancing Hands and Frolicking Voices; The Play's the Thing: Spontaneous Theater with Mixed Ages; Thoughts about Circle Time with Older Children; Resources and Practical Tips; and news from LifeWays programs around the country, employment opportunities and more.

Spring 2015 Newsletter - Our theme for this issue is Back to the Roots: Gardening with Children and includes articles such as Bees, Worms and Slugs - Enjoying the Seasons and the Garden with Children; Our Little Earthworms Love the Spring; The Wonder Garden - Keepers of the Magic; A Spring Morning in the Garden; news from the LifeWays Trainings and much more.

Winter 2015 Newsletter In this issue we focus on Nurturing and Nourishing your Inner Light.  What a perfect time of year to explore one of the most challenging topics we have: nurturing our own inner light. How difficult it can be to remember as a care giver to care for oneself as well. We have experienced the darkening of days and the pull to venture within. Having just experienced the darkness of the longest night - the winter solstice - we can appreciate the returning warmth and light of the sun. Let it also serve as a reminder to rekindle the flame within us. Articles include When it gets Dark, Hold on to your Spark!, A Better Way to Start a Sunless Morning, A Spark to Reignite the Soul - "Awake All Night", and news and updates about LifeWays trainings and workshops around the country.

Autumn 2014 Newsletter “Doing Meaningful Work with Children” Cynthia introduces this theme by writing that "in doing our meaningful work we are surrounding the children in our care with a rich content out of which to play themselves into their growing bodies... Cleaning, caring, tending and offering loving focused attention to our life tasks provides the marvelous side effect of providing our growing children with what they need as well, a life worthy of playful imitation."  Articles include Life Work with a One-Year-Old, Real Work for a Healthy Will, Pitchin In: Toddler Helping with Household Tasks, Practical Activities with the Young Child, plus previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Summer 2014 Newsletter “The Trap of Entertaining and Over-stimulating Children” is the focus of our Summer Newsletter, when children are home from school and our temptation is to keep them amused, engaged, and entertained - rather than providing opportunities for child-driven discovery, and then standing back.  Articles include "Mommy, I'm Bored," Less is More, A Sense of Place, Nature and the Child's Senses, plus previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Spring 2014 Newsletter “Finding the Joy in Caring for Young Children” is our theme for this newsletter. What a perfect time to discuss this, as many are facing the challenges of spring fever, be it at home or in care centers. So how do we transform these moments? How do we find our joy again? Articles include Joy and Self-Care, Eight Optimal Soul Attitudes for Joy in Parenting, Walking Brings Joy, and One Spring Morning at Spindlewood, Maine plus previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Winter 2014 Newsletter  In this issue we focus on Maintaining Harmony in our Relationships.  We have relationships with our children, our spouses, our friends, our family, our coworkers, and let us not forget with ourselves. Every type of love we have is unique. How do we nourish and maintain healthy bonds? What drives conflict? How do we navigate?  Articles include: Planning with Intention; Parent Development; Spirit, Magic, Tradition and Ritual; The Breakup; previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Autumn 2013 Newsletter  In this issue we focus on Sleep, Naptime and Bedtime, with articles including The Holiness of Sleep; White Noise and Cognitive Dissonance; Sleep Rhythms at Home; "Framing" Naptime; Using Touch Relaxation; Rest Time at Hummingbird Garden; previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Summer 2013 Newsletter  In this issue, a special report on the LifeWays North America National Conference, continuing the focus on Creating a Joyful Life with Children, with articles including Joy in My Heart; Transforming No into Yes; Connecting with Young Children; The Joy of Seasonnal Stories; Childrens Massage to Calm and Connect; previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Spring 2013 Newsletter In this issue LifeWays focuses on Creating a Joyful Life with Children, with articles including Spring Song: A Story for Children; Some Thoughts on High Expectations; the upcoming National Conference; previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Winter 2012-13 Newsletter In this issue LifeWays offers support for celebrating the winter holidays with articles on A Winter Festival Celebrating Community, Setting the Tone for Festivals, Creating an Advent Nature Scene, Home for the Holidays: One Family's Traditions, previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Autumn 2012 Newsletter In this issue LifeWays celebrates Autumn Beginnings with articles on The Art of Apples in the Fall, Beginning the Year with a Family Work Party, an Autumn Story Poem and Finger Play, Starting Daycare and Saying Goodbye, previews of Upcoming LifeWays Trainings and Workshops and much more.

Summer 2012 Newsletter In this issue LifeWays celebrates Children and Nature: Gardening with Small Children; Outdoor Play; Pumpkins all Year Round; Children in Nature; Gardening as an Integral Part of a LifeWays Childcare Setting; plus news about current and upcoming LifeWays trainings, upcoming workshops, job opportunities and more.

Spring 2012 Newsletter: In this issue LifeWays says "YES" to Life!  Yes to Motherhood, to our Older Selves, to Creating a Yes Environment, to our "Nudges" (intuition), to Letting Children say Yes, and more. Reports from the trainings; a letter from Cynthia; descriptions of upcoming workshops; LifeWays videos and CEU's.

Winter 2011 Newsletter  In this issue: How LifeWays Meets the Needs of Young Children and Prepares Them for Future Academics. Math and Science in Steiner E.C. Settings; Satisfying Parents about "Progress;" Foundations of Literacy; LifeWays Graduates' Work; Winter Celebrations; All Work and No Play; Singing and Language; Teaching Our Children to Write; Let Preschoolers Play!

Autumn 2011 Newsletter   In This Issue LifeWays Celebrates Men & Boys: Celebrating Boy Energy; Dads Give Kids an Edge; The Meaningful Work of Fathering; Growing Healthy Boys; Exploration Activated by Fathers; To GIve and to Get; Gender Roles in Play; Learning from Boys; Letter from Cynthia; LifeWays Trainings; New Videos, CEUs

Summer 2011 Newsletter   In This Issue; Letter from Cynthia; Grocery Shopping; Moon time Self-Care; LifeWays Trainings; Featured LifeWays Program; The Pause that Refreshes

Spring 2011 Newsletter  In This Issue: Spring is In the Air!; Upcoming LifeWays Events; Sources for Rain Pants; Letter from Cynthia; Mud and Sensory Experiences; Featured LifeWays Program; Hot Cross'd Buns; Reports from LifeWays Trainings; Spring Story/Puppet Show

Fall/Winter 2010 Newsletter  In This Issue: Simplicity; Lantern Walk; Butter for Your Bread; Simple Grains; The Joys of Simple Toys; News from the Training Sites

Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter
In this Issue: News from the Trainings; Home Away From Home; Confessions of a Waldorf Mom; Cleaning and Clearing at Spindlewood; We’re Not Afraid of You!

Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter  In this Issue: News from the Trainings; Rhythm as a Form of Creative Discipline; Sleep Rhythm; Afternoon Rhythm; Why Rhythm?; Creating an Enriched Environment for your Child

Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter  In this Issue: News from the Trainings; Thoughts on Early Learning; Little Teachers; My LifeWays Journey; Winter in the Woods; Warmth: A Hidden Element in a Child’s Healthy Development

Summer 2008 Newsletter  In this Issue: Reflections from the Trainings; Forest Kindergarten; Tribute to Mary Schunemann; Nurturing the 12 Senses through Gardening