Birth to Three

Toys and Play by Cynthia Aldinger

When we are creating a work space – an office, a classroom, a retail establishment – there are certain tools we need for specific tasks. We wouldn’t normally think of using a hammer to screw a socket into the wall or a screwdriver to drive a nail into a cabinet. We try to find the …

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All are Welcome by Jaimmie Stugard

People all over the country have been protesting the travel ban that prohibits people from certain countries from traveling to the United States. There has been so much talk of building a wall to separate our nation from the “others” that the school age children in my life are expressing fears and asking questions. The me …

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Life Work with a One-Year-Old by Cynthia Aldinger

“Did you hear that?” my daughter-in-law and I queried one another.  It sounds like she is saying “Thank you.”  Such are the fantasies of a mommy and gramma of a newly-one-year-old.   But hey! It might actually be true.  Maybe my one-year-old granddaughter’s first words were “thank you,” translated something like “da do.” That would be …

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The Habit of YES

The Habit of YES I’m pleased to share that an article of mine has been published in the lovely online magazine Rhythm of the Home.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look!  My article is titled The Habit of Yes, and can be found by clicking here. Warmly, Faith Collins  

Creating a YES Environment

Creating a YES! Environment By Simone DiMarzi     What does it mean to say YES when taking care of children birth to three?  The child’s first words are often “No.”  One of the best ways not to chime in with the children and always have to say “No” is to create a YES environment.  The …

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