Small Steps Toward Change by Acacia Moore

March 5th, 2024

Spring has long been tugging at our hearts~ igniting dreams of balmy days in sunshine and fresh breezes that come sweeping us clear of stuck energy. Under layers of tired and decomposing habits, new impulses have been quietly growing and the discomfort has inspired intentions for change.

For weeks, there have been evidential stirrings of life around us, such as bulbs in the ground tucked into the warm soil and breaking out of their protective barriers, readying for the course upwards. Our intentions have also been gestating within, and perhaps they, too, are breaking forth into the course of action. 


Yet, along with the true excitement in imagining a “new us” or a “new home life,” it’s arduous and slow work to actually make transformations. The bulb doesn’t shoot forth in bloom in a day; the fruit doesn’t directly emerge from the bud. There are many iterations of life that must precede these glorious results, and for a full maturation of ourselves to be realized. 


It is easy to imagine the full glory of an ideal only to run up against unrealistically high expectations when we try to make it happen. The results we wish for, that will last a lifetime, require setting new roots before coming to flower. Success lies in the small steps. It’s important to begin with an honest evaluation of our current place but to be patient, persistent, and appreciative of slow growth. 


So we have these ideals~ a wish to be more organized, creating sustainable self-care habits, being a better listener… Whatever the intent, reframe the goal as a practice and place it in the “now”. Then, observe. Really get to know your relationship with this ideal practice. Create practical baby steps. Here are some examples: 


Practicing new organizational skills? Load the dishes with intentional order. Just the dishes. You’ll likely find somewhere else to bring order, but take it slowly so that it sticks, and on the day you feel you have to hustle, push to bring order anyway. 

Practicing sustainable self-care? When you wake up in the morning, don’t pick up the phone. Instead, take a few minutes to breathe, stretch, and do a mental preview of your day. Consider what’s crucial. As you go about the day, you may discover pockets of time that could be spent in a more nourishing way as you clarify what’s essential, and what’s not. 

Practicing better listening? If you’re in the middle of something, say so and tell the person you want to listen as soon as you are done. Finish your task, or come to a good point to pause. Put a hand on the hand or leg of the person you are listening to- a physical anchor often helps us to stay focused on them. 

These steps are the roots and first shoots. Starting small, we can feel encouraged by our own growth and (closer to) confident that we can make lasting changes.The way we navigate self-growth impacts our children no matter what age they are. Our new practice may benefit them directly, but practicing the process again and again as we grow through life will demonstrate their potential to grow as well. 

Good luck on your baby steps. 


This week’s post was written by Acacia Moore. Acacia is LifeWays’ Director of Online Courses and apprenticing Executive Director. She has been devoted to the mission of LifeWays for many years as an educator and mother of three sons. She has been an instructor in the Fundamentals Course and Full Certificate training in Oklahoma, as well as a mentor for trainees.