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Old Gnome through the Year

Most of you know Suzanne Down, who teaches storytelling and language development in all the LifeWays trainings and is Director of the Training in Boulder.  If you don’t receive her monthly Story Newsletter from Juniper Tree Puppets, sign up for it here it’s free, and a great resource.

Suzanne’s new book, Old Gnome through the Year, is now available, with an adventure for each month of the year and needle felting instructions for making Old Gnome as a table puppet.  CLICK HERE for ordering and book details.
Suzanne will be offering a workshop, “The Wisdom of the Grandmother,”on rod puppet creation, gesture manifulation and storytelling in Santa Fe, January 11-12, 2014, and a new Certificate Puppetry Training in Santa Cruz, CA in 2014/15.   See her website for details or to request more information.