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May Day and Maypole Dancing, by Mara Spiropoulos, Sarah Baldwin and Max Alexander

Editor’s Note: To kick off May, albeit a bit late, I asked members of the LifeWays community to share how they celebrate festivals with chidlren. Sarah Baldwin, owner of Bella Luna Toys and author of Moonchild Blog, and Sarah’s husband, Max Alexander, were kind enough to contribute pictures.

May Day and Maypole Dancing

We celebrate May Day to commemorate the beginning of spring, a renewal of energy and life, and a rejuvenation of our spirits.  A popular way to celebrate is through creating and dancing around a Maypole. The Maypole is a tall pole decorated with flowers and greenery and festooned with ribbons that the dancers will then weave as they dance. This dance has been performed to celebrate spring and ensure the fertility that comes with the season.

Another way to celebrate May with children is through creating and enacting a small, or large, festival. Sarah Baldwin and her husband, Max Alexander, were kind enough to share the following beautiful photos of a May Day celebration at the Ashwood Waldorf School’s May Faire in Rockland, ME. Enjoy!