Living Arts Weekly: Wooly Tree Cones

January 22, 2023

Today we bring you a little inspiration for the Creative Arts. This is a simple seasonal craft for Autumn through Winter that my youngest son made in his kindergarten years at my Waldorf-inspired school, City of Fountains in Kansas City, Missouri. It is appropriate for all ages, and especially good for the younger years of developing fine motor control and dexterity. It was a much-loved activity in my kindergarten room that will be repeated by request!

Our materials were a pile of wool roving scraps saved from various projects, and a pile of cones. Many varieties of tree cones will work, but true pine cones were the most flexible and worked best for us. Gathering cones on a neighborhood walk would be a lovely preparation for this activity, too. 

We encouraged the children to fluff their wool first, spreading it out with their fingers, as some of the wool bits were matted. Then they simply took pieces and stuffed them into the spaces of the cones. I loved how my co-teacher encouraged the children’s stuffing- “make sure the wool gets nice and cozy in its den!”

Our finished wooly cones were taken home, displayed on our table centerpiece, and as colorful “trees” on our nature corner. So cozy and reflective of the season!



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