Living Arts Weekly: May Day Poetry

May 21 2023

This week’s article is a lovely bit of poetry written by LifeWays’ Board President and Representative Site Coordinator, Shanah Ahmadi. She is also the Director and founder of the Rose Rock School and LifeWays Representative Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

May Day 

Signifies school year’s end, celebrating triumphs and making amends.
Revolutions round the maypole, over heads and under arms.
Passing familiar faces, giving grace, undoing harm.
Living symbol of the whole, made of single stands.
Goodness, Beauty, and the Truth held in the palms of our hands.
Flowers bursting color and golden sun a’blazing.
Journeying, leading, following, inner life phasing.
Rhythm of drums, as our feet touch the earth.
Friends in rejoicing, kindred spirits at birth.
Firmly rooted in matter, reaching for the sky.
Today here in person, tomorrow we fly.