Living Arts Weekly: Gardening as an Integral Part of My LifeWays Care Setting

May 7, 2023

It’s the beginning of summer gardening in many parts of the United States! Between end of the year fundraisers, meetings and events, I’ve stolen every moment I can to be in my gardens. Like the children in my care, my mood reflects the season’s fast expansion: I want to be outdoors every chance I can get, digging and dreaming. We all have a growing joy that wants to burst out with the colorful blossoms outside our door.

Two of my older children, especially my 8 year old, are often in the yard with me, as they have been since they were young and we were living at Rose Rock School. Gardening is a daily part of life nearly all year long in Oklahoma. And while the winters are a bit colder and longer here in Kansas City, we still spend a large number of months outdoors. Working in the yard and garden is a natural extension of home and family life that can easily involve children and offers them great nourishment.  My current school, City of Fountains, has a much more urban setting and we are working on extending our opportunities for gardening, but I sure do miss the days of being in a home-based program where we can dig in every day!

In the spirit of my delicious reminiscing, I would like to revisit a beautiful article written by Pamela Perkins several years ago: Gardening as an Integral Part of My LifeWays Care Setting.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy her article and find some inspiration to begin- or continue- involving the children in your care in gardening this year!