Living Arts Wednesday: A Soft Knock at the Door, a Healing Story Rhyme

May 6, 2020

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom. It is as true as sunbeams.  — Douglas Jerrold


A Soft Knock at the Door
by Pamela Perkins

Little Elf was making some dandelion tea  

And wishing so much that right now she

Had a friend coming to share it, and a biscuit too,

But she knew for now there was naught she could do.



Outside things were strange, unknown and scary.

The forest folk stayed calm, but still felt quite wary

Hardly venturing outside, except when they must;

At home they’d be safe,  in this they had trust.


Suddenly Mousie twitched his soft little ears:

She too wondered at the faint sound she could hear.

“Why, ’tis a knock, “ she exclaimed , so with her hand she drew

Her door open a crack, then curious, stepped through.


She looked to her left; she peeked to her right,

But ne’er could she see anyone in sight.

Then came whisper and the slightest wee buzz:

“Look overhead,  up here, on the catkins’  soft fuzz!”


And there she sat,  her coat shiny and bright

Deep red dotted with black, and a bit of white.

Sszip the ladybird peered down from high on her perch

On the end of a branch of a slender white birch.


“I’ve come to bring you fair tidings this day –

Be not discouraged for at long last ‘tis May

Soon soft breezes and warm golden sun shall bring

Green leaves , and the beautiful fragrances of Spring.”


“Take heart, don’t be sad or lonely … I know,

It’s been hard to stay home so many days in a row.

Soon all will be well, and the forest will ring

With laughter of friends  as they resume visiting.”


“Thank you so much for doing your part

By keeping inside ‘til the storm clouds depart.

Your best friends Rabbit, Groundhog, and Frisky Squirrel too

Asked me to send their best wishes and love to you.”


Then Sszip flew off , and was soon out of sight.

“Goodbye ,” called Little Elf, “ Have a safe homeward flight ! ”

With a sigh of pleasure, she went inside once more

So happy she had answered that soft knock at her door.


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