Bringing Soul Into Children’s Lives, by Ana Bravo

The following is a response by Ana Bravo to the question: How have you used the LifeWays training and how well did it prepare you for your work or help your family life?

Ana writes: At the present moment, I am working at Willow Creek Academy, a public school in Sausalito, California, where I teach children from kindergarten to fourth grade. LifeWays training has brought soul into my work and has guided my journey into the souls of our children.

Every day I begin my day with a prayer, asking to be guided, to be present for the children and to be open to their needs. I don’t have a set idea of how my class would look like. What I do know is that I have a basket full of love, magic, bright colors, stories, songs, and games for the children. All I need to do is to let these wonderful “tools” unfold out of my basket and let them fall one by one into the children’s hearts. I love teaching with joy and respect of the children’s ages. I love to see their happy faces.

I just came back from a trip to Nepal where I visited shelters for homeless children. I took with me in my trip this same basket of love, magic, bright colors, stories, songs, games, and saw once more those bright happy faces full of colors and glitter while we did our art projects. Through art and colors they told their stories, they shared what was missing most in their lives. What they needed most at this time was a “home”: a house with love, trees, a creek running by their land, flowers, clean air, a warm sun on their faces.

The arts are so important for our children to express themselves.

LifeWays has taught me to be in tune with my family’s needs and the needs of all children in the world.

Thank you Lifeways, forever………