Words for Teachers and Caregivers in Small Doses

~ by Judith Frizlen

Judith Frizlen has created a wonderful companion to Words for Parents! A mother, teacher, writer and champion of early childhood education, Judith founded the Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY. Words for Teachers and Caregivers in Small Doses is a gem, offering words of wisdom to guide you through each week of the year.

This little book is a slow week-by-week meander through the subtle changes of the seasonal year. With her calm rhythmic cadences, Judith Frizlen offers us, in our rushed and stressful culture, an antidote. Like the village storyteller, she weaves together different essentials:

  • finely nuanced details of the natural world ~ the light, sounds, breezes ~
  • corresponding soul thoughts and gestures
  • the insights of Rudolf Steiner
  • simple suggestions to align our self with these natural rhythms.

This fundamental alignment is vital for caregivers and teachers of young children. Guided through the year by Judith’s kind hand, we live into the knowledge that we and the children we care for are an integral part of life’s luminous tapestry of transformation.
– Sharifa Oppenheimer, author of Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children; How to Create the Star of Your Family Culture: The Heaven on Earth Workbook, and What is a Waldorf Kindergarten?

Many thanks to Judith Frizlen for creating a book that is both spiritually evocative and super accessible. This is a perfect spiritual guidebook for busy teachers and caregivers who wish to generate a deeper connection to their vocation.
– Shanah Ahmadi, Director of Rose Rock School and LifeWays Center

What a treasure for teachers and caregivers of young children! This guidebook through the year will infuse your life with joy and purpose, transforming the physical work of caring for little ones into soul work for the adult.
– Mary O’Connell, author of Home Away from Home, LifeWays Care of Children and Families

Price: $9.99 Download as PDF

Paperback version may be purchased at Amazon.com