Jane McCoy

Jane McCoy is the founder and lead caregiver of Hummingbird Hill Playgarden, a home-based LifeWays representative site program in beautiful southern New Hampshire. Jane holds a B.S. in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development and Design. Jane completed her LifeWays training through the San Fransciso Bay in 2010. As Jane says “To say that Marianne and this training transformed my life is an understatement! The insights and inspiration I gained during that year continue to drive my passion and work with the young child”.

Playgarden is now in its 17th year, and Jane continues to open her heart and arms to the opportunities and adventures that await!  In addition to Playgarden, Jane was a Grades teacher for many years, has lead Parent/Toddler groups, has guided parent education classes, and has been a guest instructor for the SF Bay area LifeWays training.