Bath Time Verses

June 5, 2022

Today’s post is from Chinyelu Kunz of WeNurture:

Bath time can be an easy time or a challenging time depending on how comfortable your child is with bathing in the bathtub. What helps with making bath-time go as smooth as possible is to make it playful, and a time where you are present and able to stay connected with them. It’s best if there are no distractions during this time.

Because young children experience life through play this is one of the best ways for you to connect with your child, and it will make transitions easier. 

Creating what I like to call a “story imagination,” using verses or songs that appeal to your child’s imagination, is like an invitation to them to play” and they will want to join in.

Keep in mind that when using particular verses or songs for particular transitions, it’s best to only use them at those specific times. This will make the verses and songs more powerful. Your child will anticipate them at those times and they will carry a lot of meaning. 

If bath time is an easy transition for your child, then they will love this time of connection through the verses that you say, and they will enjoy hearing them again and again.

If bath time is not so easy because you find that your child is afraid to get in the bathtub, then use the verses to create an imagination that will put them in a more playful frame of mind – go slowly and give them time.

I suggest not questioning your child about why they don’t like bath time.

I believe that when you find yourself asking your child too many questions it can actually put pressure on them. You can instead observe and see if they have a fear of water. Or, is there a sensory challenge that needs attention? Can they get in the bathtub before it’s filled with water? Is it the temperature of the water? And, of course, other things to consider. 

Something wonderful to try as part of your child’s bath time ritual (just before bath time) is to use any of the verses in this post as a lap game to play with your child. Place your child on your lap (best while sitting on the floor) and, while rocking back and forth, say the words and add gestures, too. Rocking relaxes the nervous system and has a calming effect.

One, Two, Three
One, two, three,
a golden boat I see.
A golden boat, that’s all a float,
upon the deep blue sea.
One, two, three,
a sailor out at sea.
In a golden boat, that’s all a float,
upon the deep blue sea.

I love to sail in my golden boat,
my golden boat, my golden boat.
I love to sail in my golden boat,
out on the deep blue sea.

Where all of the fishes gosplish, splash, splish,
splish, splash, splish,
splish, splash, splish.
All the of the fishes go
splish, splash, splish
Out on the deep blue sea.

The Golden Boat
This is the boat, the golden boat
that sails on the silvery sea.
These are the oars
that lift and dip, that lift and dip,
to carry the boat, the golden boat,
across the silvery sea.

Here are the little fairy folk,
running along, running along,
they climb in the boat, the golden boat
that sails on the silvery sea.

Here is the moon so big and round,
that shines on the boat that is homeward bound
back to the harbor, safe and sound
From the sail on the silvery sea.

One Little Duckling
One little duckling
waddling to and fro.
Follows is mother
to the pond they go.
Quack, quack, quack,
And away he goes.

One little duckling
In the pond I see
One little duckling
As happy as can be.
Swimming, swimming to and fro
Quack, quack, quack,
Just watch her go.

Tooth Brushing Verse
Brush, brush, brush your teeth
All along the gums,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
This is how it’s done.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Around and in between
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Til they’re bright and clean!