Back to School Lunches

August 7, 2022

It’s just around the corner for some of us- the beginning of a new school year! My feelings are mixed because I do love the relaxed mornings of summer that allow us to maximize outdoor time before the heat sets in, and our visits to the lake or pool. Yet, I also love the rhythm of the school year with its consistent work flow and all the time my sons have to spend with friends.

To prepare for the shift, I’ll be looking back at our school year rhythms, and preparing for the usual routines such as packing backpacks and lunches. I want the transition to school to be as enjoyable as possible- especially taking my late sleeper into consideration. I also want my sons to be involved in every step as is age appropriate. This builds self-reliance and confidence, and strengthens their sense of Life.  To ensure these smooth mornings, I plan out a lot of details and sit down with them to create a menu for our lunches.

As we get ready to do this, I thought it would be a great time to re-visit an older post of LifeWays Living Arts Weekly from 2019, School Lunches! The article has great ideas for easy and nutritious picnic-style lunches that we love when we’re not filling thermoses with warm leftovers. Plus, there are tips on how to make meals a success for kiddos busy with friends at lunchtime.