Little Mice in the Snow (leaves or grass, if you are in a warmer climate), by Lynn St. Pierre

This delightful Ellersiek large movement play is designed for mixed age kindergarten. The body of work created by Wilma Ellersiek offers the young child all that is needed for healthy development of the lower four senses.  Later, after snack you could invite the little mice under the table to clean up all the crumbs.  Enjoy this wonderful play with your children!

Little Mice in the Snow

Click here for Lynn’s demonstration of Little Mice in the Snow. We’ll go through the play once in its entirety just as you would bring it to the children.  Then I’ll go through the gestures and speech – this instructional piece is just for you as you’re learning to embody the mice.  We don’t instruct the children but allow them to imitate and come to the movement and speech as they are ready, in their own time.  Observing their experience and growth with the play gives you clues about their development and what they may need more support with.  At the end of the instruction, there is a transition to repeat the play.  Then we’ll go through the entire play once again with the longer lullaby at the end where you can rub the children’s backs and give them much needed stillness.

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Written instructions are in Gesture Games for Winter and Summer, By Wilma Ellersiek, page 126, available in the WECAN online store.

Lynn St. Pierre is a Lifeways faculty member offering Fortify Your Life Forces with Spacial Dynamics® and seasonal gesture plays, loving touch and circle games by Wilma Ellersiek, a monthly online course.  She presents this work at Waldorf teacher training centers, conferences and schools around the world.  For parents and teachers there are zoom courses and video subscriptions available on the website: