A Winter’s Day Reflection

December 16th, 2023

“I have found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk, that keeps the darkness at bay.”
Gandalf the Grey, in The Hobbit


This week’s blog features a reflection written by Pamela Perkins as she contemplates this time of year. We invite you to tuck in with a cup of tea and reflect on your own Wintertime experiences!
The golden light of Autumn has long faded; a few marcescent leaves doggedly cling to the bare branch tips. The earth seems to shiver beneath its glaze of frost or first snow; skies tend to be gray and dreary.The wind has a definite bite to it, and even the occasional mild days seem somehow out of place.

At this time of the year, our entryways certainly delineate the contrast between the outer chill of the winter landscape and the comfort of our indoor spaces! How relieved we are to step out of the bleak and cold and into the light and warmth.
Hopefully our homes provide us with a nurturing mantle of warmth to sustain us not only physically during the dark and frigid months ahead, but also as we navigate our inner lives. Many people find themselves looking inward with wistfulness at the memories that they hold in their hearts as the many seasonal activities and celebrations happen all around.


 Tis the season for gifting … to share meaningful gifts rather than ‘stuff’. Little acts of kindness…cards, smiles, baked goodies: there are so many gestures that lift people’s

 spirits, both for the giver and the receiver! These small deeds can help another person to step out of a ‘wintery’ mood’ into the sunnier warmth of connection.

May all who read this experience both the joy of past memories, 

as well as be a giver and receiver of the simple pleasures of shared moments of laughter, food and conversation!