Rahima Baldwin Dancy

ImageRahima is internationally known as the author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher, based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner for early childhood (birth to age six).  The book came out in a new US edition in 2012 and has been translated into nine languages.  Rahima has worked extensively as a midwife, Waldorf early childhood educator and director of Informed Family Life.  She was a founding board member of LifeWays North America and was also the co-founder and director of Rainbow Bridge LifeWays Program for 1-5 year olds, a LifeWays Representative Center in Boulder, Colorado.  Rahima offers lectures and conferences throughout the country on alternatives in birth, parenting, education and conscious aging. She and her husband, Agaf Dancy, have raised four adult children and are delighted to have five grandchildren!