Julene Humes, Lead Teacher Utah

After raising and homeschooling seven children, Julene started an in-home Waldorf kindergarten in the fall of 2003.  In 2006 she expanded her program, partnering with homeschool parents using Waldorf methods in a model she calls The Cottage School.  She received a LifeWays certificate in 2011. In addition, Julene participated in Waldorf summer intensives for grades one, two and three. In 2013 Julene was certified in Simplicity Parenting, and in 2017 she completed a Master of Arts Degree with an emphasis on Waldorf education.

In 2022 Julene passed on her work with the Cottage School to a dedicated group of parents. She now assists the newly-formed Honeycomb Homeschool Co-op on a volunteer basis, teaches and organizes parent and teacher education and is delighted to be part of the new LifeWays program in Utah.  Julene lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah with her husband.   They just welcomed their nineteenth grandchild into their growing family.