LifeWays Representative

To consistently increase awareness of LifeWays’ health-restoring principles and practices, we seek individuals and organizations whose work is in alignment with these principles and basic practices and who are able and willing to represent LifeWays to the world.

Representative Members receive the following services:

LifeWays Representatives will be featured on the LifeWays website with a link to your website if you have one.   LifeWays Representatives are eligible for on-going consultation as well as LifeWays training tuition reduction for your staff.  We welcome your attendance at LifeWays workshops and conferences free of charge and encourage you to be presenters.  You will receive the quarterly LifeWays newsletter and will be encouraged to submit articles to the newsletter.

The process to become a LifeWays Representative is as follows:

  1. Applicant contacts LifeWays North America to request a copy of the LifeWays’ Self-Assessment form.
  2. Applicant completes the LifeWays Representative Membership Application and a Self-Assessment regarding LifeWays principles and practices.
  3. LifeWays consultant establishes a date for a site visit.
  4. After consultation visit, LifeWays membership committee reviews the consultation report and makes a recommendation regarding Representative status.
  5. Report and recommendation are sent to applicant.
  6. If membership committee determines that Representative criteria are in place, applicant is granted Representative status.
  7. If consultation report indicates required changes before granting Representative status, a timeline is established to support the applicant in implementing necessary changes.  A determination is made as to whether there needs to be a follow-up visit before granting Representative status.
  8. When applicant is granted Representative status, use of the name LifeWays is permitted.

LifeWays Representative Membership is based on the following criteria:

  • Representative’s work is in alignment with LifeWays’ principles and practices.
  • Representative’s approach to working with children and families is based on concepts taught in the LifeWays training with particular emphasis on Rudolf Steiner’s research on human development. 
  • All primary caregivers at the site have completed the LifeWays training or its equivalent or are currently enrolled in LifeWays training. 
  • When applicable, the director of the site shall have completed the LifeWays training or its equivalent and is responsible for insuring that the staff is trained in the principles and practices of LifeWays. 
  • A site visit by a LifeWays North America consultant has determined that the Representative can stand as a model of LifeWays.  The Representative status will be reviewed every three years through a self-assessment and a consultant evaluation process. 
  • Students from LifeWays trainings will be welcomed to observe at Representative’s site whenever feasible. 
  • Representative will have the option to participate in the ongoing development and articulation of LifeWays through sharing ideas and suggestions with the Board, writing articles for the newsletter, organizing events and helping with the selection of future Board members.
  • Representative center or home is fiscally sound and meets all licensing requirements.
  • Representative’s caregivers and teachers are committed to ongoing self-development.  Attendance at a LifeWays or Waldorf conference, workshop or seminar is required every two years (more often is recommended) and attendance at a traditional early childhood conference, workshop or seminar is recommended every two or three years (more often if possible) in order to remain aware of current trends in early childhood and family care.
  • Representative will support LifeWays North America through an annual contribution of 1% of tuition income or agreed-upon amount.