LifeWays Forms

This compressed (zip) download of documents contains many of the forms that may be helpful to the person beginning a child care business, either in a home or center setting.
LifeWays child care providers have shared these documents and forms for you to use as an example. Please check with your state and local child care agencies to make sure that any forms you use have all of the content required for your program.
Included on this documents only CD:

  • LifeWays Principles and Practices
  • Sample Parent Handbook, center and home program
  • Sample Policies and Procedures, center and home program
  • Sample Budget
  • Sample Registration Forms
  • Sample Tuition Schedule
  • Sample Attendance Log
  • Sample Infant/Toddler Log
  • Sample Promotional Flyers
  • Sample Ads
  • Sample Business Plan
  • Sample Staff Evaluation Forms
  • Sample Parent Newsletter
  • LifeWays Training Information
  • LifeWays Membership Structure
  • LifeWays Consulting and Workshop Information

Price: $15.00