Care Begins With Me


Audio Package with Judith Frizlen

Talks and Tips for Women About Setting Healthy Self-Care Rhythms
“When we are in the position of caring for others, we need a plan for self-care. We cannot give what we do not have. As adults, we will not have what we have not given to ourselves. We are responsible for prioritizing self-care, rather than leaving it until the end of the day if there is any time or energy left.

The best plans align with the seasons of the year, seasons of life, and our own personal needs. Let’s take time to make a plan for self-care, one that we will do, one that will give to us what we can then give to others.

My rhythms of self care sustain me, and I want to assist others in creating their own plan for self care. Tune in to “Care Begins With Me” and step into a fresh new rhythm for self-care!“
Judith Frizlen

Details of Audio Package Content
This audio package includes these three downloadable audio talks (about 20 minutes each):

  • You are more than your physical body
  • Identifying Invisible Helpers and Hindrances
  • Decisions about Rhythms of self-care that lead to life-changing habits.
  • BONUS audio interview on self-care routines.

PLUS a downloadable booklet of supplemental materials to help you start applying Judith’s wisdom to your Self-Care life right away!

About the Instructor

Judith Frizlen was Director of The Rose Garden Early Childhood Center in Buffalo, NY. Prior to that Judith was an early childhood teacher at Aurora Waldorf School, as well as director of the City Satellite in Buffalo. Earlier in her career she taught elementary grades at Calasanctius School and Buffalo Public Schools, and then presented seminars for teachers at learning centers, colleges and statewide conferences before coming back to early childhood education, which she describes as the nearest thing to heaven.  Judith is a mother, educator, author of several books, including her most recent, Where Wisdom Meets Wonder: Forty Stories of Grandma Love and community supporter. She has a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education and a Master of Arts with a concentration in Human Development.

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