Home Away from Home ~ LifeWays Care of Children and Families

~ by Cynthia Aldinger and Mary O’Connell

A ground-breaking, yet refreshingly simple and wholesome approach to Steiner-based child care, written by two experts in the field. The LifeWays approach focuses on warm, loving relationships between children and the adults who care for them…something so essential but sorely at risk in modern child care. This book is recommended for anyone who lives and works with young children, especially childcare providers or those considering opening their own childcare business.

“Whether you are a childcare provider or a parent of young children, there is a wealth of information, inspiration, support, and instruction between its covers.  Everyone who works and cares for young children will find that it is a well of resources that will never run dry no matter how often you turn to it.  Altogether, this is one of the most potent books ever written.  We believe it will change the face of childcare everywhere it is read.”  Bob and Nancy

“A must-read for early-childhood teachers and parents of young children – thought provoking; explores authentic needs of young children and educational strategies inspired by Waldorf Education.  Early childhood teachers can learn much from the philosophy of educators who support the natural learning needs of young children.”  Ruth Ann Ball, Early Childhood Consultant, University of Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development.

“We need a revolution in child care in this country.  This book can help fuel it.”  Joan Almon, Executive Director, The Alliance of Childhood

“Taking home as the model isn’t rocket science – but, unfortunately, it isn’t what’s happening in conventional childcare today.  Cynthia and Mary have given us a practical, well-articulated description of the LifeWays approach that not only holds the reader’s interest, but can be life-changing for adults and the children they care for and about.”  Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood educator and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

“My husband and I just ordered and began reading the book “Home Away from Home”. We just started our in-home child care in October, although it has been a dream of ours for a long time. We hope to eventually participate in LifeWays trainings and other Waldorf education opportunities….Anyway, we just started reading the book last night, and I just read a few more chapters during nap today, and I needed to email you right away and say how awesome, helpful, and affirming the book is already! Thank you!!”  Kindly, Ara Schmidt

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