Warmth By Raven Jane

By Raven Jane Chamberlain-Whaley
My name is Raven Jane Chamberlain -Whaley and I am eleven years old. In the morning my mom comes to my room singing and dancing with a big smile and it makes me feel warm even if I don t want to get up. My mom is Missy Whaley, she is a dancer and a singer she has a school and I feel lucky that I am home schooled and that I go to her school.
On school days we walk down our driveway and wait for the children. Our driveway is a big hill. When the children arrive we walk back up one half of a mile to get to our house. We sometimes sing this little poem a little boy, Jackson and my mom made up.
We climb and climb up Missy s hill
the top is a long way up,
We see the trees flutter and flitter
then it s warm and toasty at the top.
I love warm foot baths in the den
afterwards I play with Zen.
This winter we have been having a warm snack when we come in before circle, sometimes we even have footbaths . The singing and dancing warms me up too. When we snuggle up and listen to a story I feel good. When I come back indoors after playing outside , or gathering wood or feeding animals and we sit at the table and have a cup of tea I feel warmth. Sometimes we make a fire in the fireplace when we are knitting or doing sewing.
When it is time to go down the hill we bundle up with are coats and hats. When we get down the hill we say goodbye and walk back up. When we get to the top we make dinner. We sit down and eat when my dad gets home. We always light a candle and have a blessing; afterwards we play a game. At the end of the day I always feel warm.