Prelude to Winter & Winter Beauty by Terry Rozhon (Mr. Terry)

Prelude to winter:  A parade of lanterns through the woods, fairy houses and fairy fires light it up (magic), bonding at the bonfire, cider the children made and song, “This little light of mine.”

Winter Beauty:  When the room is dark, the harpist plays and the angel leads each child on a spiral to the light. Slowly the room illuminates and we see the glow on each child’s face and know the beauty in the warmth of a silent night. Ten children in a circle tapping their drumsticks in rhythm to “Pa rum pa pum, pum.”  Eyes wide open, ears engaged to the puppet show..where do the bears go come winter!

When icicles hang on the Magnolia branches, ready for the taking–winter popsicles.

The breath of children napping under down rainbow beds, silent as the falling snow.

When the no man becomes the snow man.

When the child puts on his/her own coat, mitts, hat and boots with some willing to help.

Where building blocks are chunks of snow and sand castles become snow castles until like, “MacArthur’s Park,” they melt in the dark.

Where children form a train on sled and slide down the hill in perfect unison, only to crash, roll and laugh at the station.



When you go caroling in the woods, knock on every door (tree) and sing ,”Joy to the World.”