Discovering Beauty ~ Reflections of a teacher, parent, and a lifelong student of life’s wonders, By Daniela Sales

Life on our dear Earth is truly a marvelous adventure. Along its course we will find ourselves in most interesting, and often rather magical moments. If we are ready to embrace their miraculous nature,  we will be blessed with the experience of true Beauty. Beauty that is not easy to share through a photo, Beauty that is known with our full being when we are in its presence, Beauty that fills our soul with hope, love, and a sense of joy, Beauty we have no choice by to write with  capital B.

It is remarkable to observe how fully young children embody a sense of true wonder about the world, and every day their bright eyes and warm open hearts inspire me to keep my own wonder alive. As a parent and a teacher, I feel continually blessed to have the most amazing moments in each day keeping me in the presence of lovely and timelessly beautiful things,  beings, places, and experiences. Our presence as teachers and parents is so important to the children in our care, and a part of our responsibility to them is to model the ability to honor true beauty and to surround them with it. Not the beauty of the picture-perfect media driven images, but the beauty that fills the body and soul with life giving energy.

Keeping our spaces orderly is definitely helpful, but mindfully choosing colors, shapes and textures for the spaces we and our children play, sleep, work, and learn in can help us connect our senses to the experience of the space in a way that brings light in and opens us to the sense for beauty. Choosing carefully a few images and special items, not only lovely to gaze at, but also inviting, inspiring, or memory stirring, can help us bring beauty into our thinking and feeling life. Spaces that breathe with us and the seasons, while bathing us in light and life-giving colors, are both beautiful to be in and beautiful to look at. Such mindfully created spaces allow beauty to live in our etheric and can even help heal or motivate our will and ability to meet the future streaming towards us. Such spaces easily become a true home for love and hope. Over time, it becomes easy to see how only love-filled memories can arise in such spaces. I don’t know that I always succeed; but as a parent, teacher, sister, and a friend, I continually strive to create such environments in the spaces I share with my family and friends as well as those I share with my students and colleagues.

To help people we are honored to share our life paths with find and experience beauty, we must carry within our own hearts a sense of wonder for the miracles of Nature and nurture or own reverence for the deep true beauty that is everlasting and untouched by the changes of material world.  The truthfulness of nature’s miracles holds and reveals beauty to the heart, and then the eyes can perceive it more clearly. Sharing the joy of barefoot walks by the salty sea on a cold autumn day, holding the precious treasure of a broken shell in the palm of our hand, standing in awe of the color splendor as it unfolds when Spring is in full bloom, ever so silently watching a baby bird receive nourishment from mama bird in their nest, honoring the sleepy winter months in the woods… all of these hold powerful moments through which we can share and inspire a sense for beauty in ourselves and our children.

It is through these heart centered experiences with nature that I have found my personal path to the blessings of beauty which heal and inspire; not through the physical sense of sight which easily can mislead us into the glitter and sparkle of the materialistic, quickly passing imitations of what is truly beautiful. Beauty has the power to heal us and to renew our etheric forces , yet only when it is filled with truth of life’s nature and grounded in the goodness of the deed in our striving. May we continue to create and share beauty with each other in magnificent and ever more loving ways.


Daniela Sales has been a Waldorf teacher ever since becoming a parent in search of the education that would nourish and acknowledge the wholeness of life, humanity, and nature. A longtime teacher of Traditional Naturopathy and Natural Health Practices, she found her heart’s joy in the classroom as a Waldorf teacher at The Waldorf School of St Louis after feeling inspired by a colleague so magically able to bring Beauty to life in even the simplest moments. Daniela’s inspiring colleague and a dear friend, Michiyo Kishi, is an amazing LifeWays trained Early Childhood teacher who continues to teach and bless lives of many children and families who find their way to the Early Childhood classrooms at The Waldorf School of St Louis. She continues to be a big part of Daniela’s inspiration for continual striving to deepen her own experiences on the teacher’s path, and this reflection of Beauty is sent to you in her honor.