Beauty-filled Greetings from Cynthia!

Dear Friends,

What a blessed topic for our newsletter – Beauty!  It lifts it out of having a seasonal focus into something that offers us solace and spaciousness whenever we seek to find it.  With both winter and spring woven into the following articles, we also find the gift of timelessness that lives in the overarching topics we are currently exploring over three newsletters – Goodness, Beauty and Truth.  A few of our authors are already weaving this trio together in their stories.   THANK YOU to each of you for opening your heart to us.

In the name of Beauty, we are featuring Rosebud Preschool in Kimberton, Pennsylvania. In addition to being home to this amazing LifeWays Representative program, Kimberton is also one of the four locations in North America hosting our new Early Childhood Fundamentals Course (see details below) in August!  We are super excited about this!

Again, I encourage you to take your time with this newsletter.  We received an abundance of articles, each with a unique and often thought-provoking awareness of how to perceive beauty.

Here are a few gemstones (there were a lot more) I read along the way – quotable quotes worthy of living on my refrigerator door to remind me of what matters.  Have fun finding one of these in each article!

  • “Beauty and a sense of the sacred go together.”
  • “Like feeling, which mediates between willing and thinking, beauty stands between goodness and truth. Beauty then can reveal to us both what is good and what is true.”
  • “Speaking and thinking in our languages allows us to experience the beauty of our mother earth in a fuller, more relevant way.”
  • “For beauty truly can be found in all things when given the space and time to see it through.  It is on the other end when our eyes can be awake to the gift of the journey itself.”
  • “When you go caroling in the woods, knock on every door (tree) and sing, ‘Joy to the World’.”
  • “Beauty can ground our children and also propel them forward.”
  • “Beauty has the power to heal us and to renew our etheric forces, yet only when it is filled with truth of life’s nature and grounded in the goodness of the deed in our striving.”
  • “When we recognize and admit the experience of beauty consciously, we honor a part of our soul, and sometimes the soul of another.”

Many thanks to Michaeleen for creating another beautiful newsletter and for sharing one of my favorite verses of all time, The Ringing of the Bells by Rudolf Steiner.  I first met this verse decades ago while in my Waldorf teacher training in England.  I find it as powerful today as I did then!

Be blessed by beauty,